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Mobile phone scam in Goa?

Saturday, February 14th, 2015

Today a mobile phone user in Goa was trying to contact the magazine Consumer Voice from Delhi at 9250059901, 011 47331025, 011 47331023 and the webhosting company Globehost 9919790011 and 1800 1204232 from North india. The user tried to contact landline and mobile phone numbers provided from both Airtel and BSNL phone numbers . In both the cases, no one was picking up the phone which was rather surprising as people were very prompt in replying till a few day ago.

It appears that some powerful anonymous officials have routed all the phone calls of the single woman webmaster, domain investor to their greedy lazy friends, who have cheated the webmaster, without a legally valid reason, to harass her, waste her time as they hate her and want to destroy her life, Who are these cowardly officials, why have they allowed to waste indian tax payer money for their personal hatred , can they justify the wastage of government money in an open debate

Can anyone explain why a harmless innocent civilian in panaji, goa cannot make phone calls to anyone she wishes to. Why has she been discriminated against, can the cowardly powerful officials harassing her have the courage to face her, Hatred, infatuation with lazy call girls in goa and casteism cannot be the excuse for wasting indian tax payer money to harass a harmless civilian