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Free help for cybercrime, online fraud victims.

Monday, January 23rd, 2023

In some countries like India cybercrime increases because top government employees, top tech and internet companies themselves are openly involved in cybercrime, banking fraud to get their sugar babies, friends, relatives, and bribe givers no work, no investment government jobs in the indian internet sector at the expense of the real domain investor, online worker
, webmaster . The government refuses to end the cybercrime, banking fraud of its well paid employees on private citizens, all complaints are ignored

This had led to a massive increase in cybercrime in India, and it is difficult for cybercrime victims to get any help since police do not have enough experience and government agencies do not allow experienced webmasters to get paid work in India after slandering them as part of the government resume theft of experienced webmasters to get no work, no investment government jobs in the internet sector

According to a report in Hindustan Times, the cyber police are usually only investigating complaints where the losses are more than Rs 10 lakh, all other complaints are ignored. This is probably because there are a large number of cybercrime cases, with increased smartphone usage, and there are limited number of police available for investigation. So citizens who have lost their money due to cybercrime, banking, online fraud, have few options other than complaining online.

While some keep quiet when they are cheated, it is better to publish the details of the person who has cheated you, with name, phone number, details of payment, like recipients bank account, amount, date of payment. This will help other citizens become aware of the online fraud so that they do not make the mistake of trusting the fraudster. If the fraud victim remains quiet, the fraudsters are encouraged, and cheat other citizens using similar methods.
Please email to

Cunning Women scamming in the name of God

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

sindhi seducer, abuse of power

Look alike of India’s top domain fraudster kolhapur/panaji sindhi scammer school dropout cbi employee naina premchandani, her scammer sons karan, nikhil who are getting monthly government salaries for faking domain ownership like goan CALL GIRL raw employees siddhi mandrekar, goan bhandari sunaina chodan , goan gsb fraud housewife robber riddhi nayak caro , gurugram fraud mba hr ruchita kinge, greedy gujju stock trader amita patel, bengaluru cheater housewife nayanshree, indore fraud housewife deepika/veena and other fraud raw/cbi employees

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In India people who are atheist, not believing in god are considered to be social outcaste, are often ostracized and considered to be of poor moral character . Yet there are no shortages of people who misuse the faith in God, especially the numerous hindu gods, and sweet talk to cheat naive people of their hard earned money.
In panaji, goa there are a few women wandering around who are cheating people in the name of religion. These women are fairly good looking, very sweet talkers, dressed in religious clothes and their modus operandi should be a case study in how they exploit religious sentiment to make a quick buck. These women claim to be from Kolhapur, devotees of yellama, and will go begging for money. They carry a bowl with them, with conch shells embedded, with vermillion,sindoor, and other holy mawith vermillion,sindoor, and other holy mawl with them, with conch shells embedded, with vermillion,sindoor, and other holy material, appear to be very religious and honest at the first glance. If a person will be foolish enough to give them a coin they will ask for a note to bless, and then hold the note very tight with them , refusing to release the note.
They will then ask for a higher denomination note like Rs 500 to release the smaller value note, and they will probably get away with both the low value and high value note.
Hence even if a person is very religious or feels sorry for poor people they should not entertain these people, these dishonest people do not deserve the money or the sympathy of honest people


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Website banned in India for exposing online fraud

Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

A harmless website has been banned in India for allegedly exposing a major online domain, impersonation fraud,though an official notification has not been received from DOT.
On 23 July 2016, Getting the message

Access to this URL is denied
The access to this site is prohibited as per instructions from Authority/(s)

Does anyone know if there is an official reason for banning the website, the name of the official signing the order and how to get unbanned ?

Whistleblowers labelled security threat and tortured in India

Tuesday, April 5th, 2016

In Indian the all powerful intelligence and security agencies are extremely incompetent, lack personal and professional integrity, and are unable to evaluate matters objectively resulting in a large number of banking and other frauds. Instead of looking at the facts available, and evidence these officials are only interested in exploiting harmless indian citizens for personal gain, to get government jobs for their lazy greedy mediocre fraud relatives and friends.

Anyone who will expose the fraud of top government officials will be labelled a security threat without any proof at all to defame, cheat, exploit and torture the harmless civilian for the rest of their life

When the human rights abuses victim will complain about the pain being experienced, these cunning cruel criminal government employees will accuse their victim of damaging the reputation of India, when these criminal employees are really at fault.

Government employees freelancing for large corporates

Monday, March 21st, 2016

NTRO and other government employees have access to very expensive equipment, yet they are allowed to misuse the expensive equipment to freelance for large companies to destroy competition acquire talent and technology cheaply. They will monitor all the activities of specified domain investors, paypal account holders to find out their source of revenues, and block every source of income so that the person is forced to apply for a job and these large companies can acquire talent and technology cheaply to make million dollar profits.
No investigation is carried out to find out the amount of bribes these government employees are receiving, why expensive government equipment is misused for corporate goals

Ntro officials allegedly bribed to deindex websites

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

This website along with other websites were deindexed because ntro officials are allegedly bribed by google, tata to deindex the website and cause losses. They are falsely claiming national security to waste resources, expensive equipment monitoring the harmless domain investor though there are many more important issues like cybercrime in India.
It appears that google, tata are paying a bonus /bribe to the ntro officials depending on how much losses they are able to cause to the domain investor, paypal account holder. From 2010- 2015 the harassment, negative tactics were very successful, now after 5 years the harmless innocent obc engineer being defamed, harassed, tortured and exploited by these fraud ntro,cbi, RAW officials realizes that these corrupt dishonest officials have no proof against her.
In the financial year 2015-2016, the revenue will be higher than the last few years, so these malicious officials are doing their best to reduce the revenues, deindexing websites, wasting indian tax payer money to reduce indian export revenues.

More dangers of fake recruitment scams

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

One of the biggest problems working online is how common fake recruitment scams are. Lazy slim young liars like sunaina get positions of power and access to confidential information for doing nothing except being an accomplice to powerful officials in a scam which involves cheating a vulnerable woman of the position she deserves by abusing their powers. Ebay is one of the companies that has been allegedly misled by the slim goan cheater sex bribe giver obc bsc sunaina and her powerful backer, at the expense of ebay’s real customer who has been been subjected to a nasty and malicious slander campaign by this powerful official.
when lazy young women like sunaina get great powers for doing nothing, except being an accomplice in a major scam, they become extremely arrogant, showering abuses and threatening everyone who talks to them.

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Human rights abuses to cover up sex, cheating scam

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

On 24 June 2015, early morning, the cruel fraud officials launched another ruthless attack on the harmless obc engineer using directed energy weapons in Panaji, Goa. These shameless cowardly officials have stolen the impressive resume of the obc engineer for the lazy greedy goan call girls, siddhi mandrekar, bsc sunaina who sleep with them, brahmin and other cheaters riddhi, nayanshree hathwar, veena, asmita patel, ruchika to get the call girls and cheaters permanent government jobs, allegedly in R&AW. Now to cover up the sex, cheating fraud, these cruel perverted cowardly men are wasting a huge amount of indian tax payer to destroy the health of the harmless engineer who they have cheated and exploited mercilessly

Diversion of phone calls, smses of OBC engineer

Sunday, April 12th, 2015

Due to casteism, a harmless OBC engineer and exporter finds that her phone calls, smses are diverted to greedy lazy brahmin women, often cheaters and OBC call girls who sleep with brahmnin officials in a cheap attempt to make it difficult for her to earn a living, The mediocre lazy greedy brahmin women like shivalli brahmin cheater bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar with no engineering degree , goan diploma holder siddhi mandrekar have been rewarded with an important indian government job and made VVIPs for cheating the the OBC engineer of her hard earned money or committing corporate espionage like the fraud siddhi mandrekar.

In other cases, like the diversion of calls to brahmin riddhi, call girl sunaina, blackmailer ruchika and others who are not named, powerful fraud officials, including her engineering college classmate hope to force the hardworkimg experienced OBC engineer to form a company with these mediocre lazy greedy women as they cannot tolerate the success of an OBC engineer.

These greedy cheater women who were too lazy to get an engineering degree, experience or will then impersonate the OBC engineer whose resume they want to steal. They will demand a bribe or commission for every sms, phone calls that the OBC woman will receive, or block the communication, making it extremely difficult to get any help or do business. Even when a family member will be ill, the phone calls, smses will be diverted causing great inconvenience

Why are known mediocre greedy cheaters like siddhi mandrekar, nayanshree hathwar given so many powers for CHEATING AN OBC ENGINEER, wasting indian tax payer money, can anyone openly explain? Only a few civilians are selected for phone call diversion, why has the harmless innocent OBC engineer and exporter been denied her fundamental right to communicate freely. Just because companies allegedly tata, google, want to acquire talent and technology cheaply are they allowed to deny a civilian her fundamental right, wasting tax payer money,

All attempts to find out why the phone calls,smses of an OBC engineer are diverted to women who have cheated her using RTI fail as allegedly fraud officials and companies have convinced the governmemt that mediocre lazy greedy inexperienced goan call girls siddhi, sunaina, brahmin cheaters nayanshree , riddhi were their engineering college classmate to steal the resume of an OBC engineer. Why are brahmin officials who hate their OBC engineering college classmate, allowed to steal her resume, divert her phone calls, smses to their fraud friends and relatives r

Powerful Frauds who remain unpunished

Sunday, March 15th, 2015

One of the major trademarks of the indian internet sector will be that allegedly some of the powerful officials will pretend to be extremely concerned about honesty and integrity. However close scrutiny of their action will show that they are themselves the most shameless frauds in the country or even the world. They will waste a huge amount of indian tax payer money to monitor a harmless webmaster for years, steal her correspondence , defaming the webmaster in the most vicious manner without proof,

However when a young diploma holder call girl from goa, siddhi mandrekar will commit corporate espionage on the innocent webmaster these fraud officials will allegedly rush to protect and reward the cheater siddhi with an important government job for her fraud. Similar when shivalli brahmin bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar will cheat the webmaster and single woman engineer of more than Rs 1.1 lakh,these fraud powerful hypocrite officials will rush to protect and reward the cheater nayanshree with an important government job for her fraud. Additionally when the liar bsc sunaina falsely claims to own the websites and domain names,these fraud powerful hypocrite officials will not even bother to verify the claims, rush to protect and reward the liar with an important government job for her fraud at the expense of the webmaster.

Thus the powerful officials who fake concern about honesty are the most shameless frauds in the world, falsely claiming that the website and domain names, online business of the webmaster belong to their lazy greedy cheater friends and relatives who do not spend a single paisa on the expenses, do any work, or even operate the bank account . Hence people should not take their false claims and accusations seriously they have no morals or integrity at all, believing them can be a very big mistake.

Why are fraud shameless powerful officials who patronize cheater lazy greedy call girls like goan diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, cheater brahmins like nayanshree hathwar considered to be respectable and high status, VVIPs in indian society today