Bank merger scam

I understand what is going on in the world of Internet, due to the recent abuse many people seems to believe that every project that came from the net is not generous. On that note, I will treat this issue very sincere and jurisdiction of this transaction. The recent merging of my bank Abn Amro N.V. with Barclay’s Bank Plc United Kingdom, I was made head of service in my department by the Boards of directors of my bank ABN AMRO N.V. (The Netherlands) to compile all credit accounts that has been in operation with the bank under my department/supervision.
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Through my compilation of accounts, I discovered a credit account with A/C N0:NL85ABNA6008341843 and (US$73,000,000= equivalent) deposited, On further trace I came across the file and found out that the account has be inactive for more that Seven (7) yrs. And the true owner of this funds/account was Engineer Christian Eich, a German who Ran carmaker BMW’s museum unfortunately lost his life, including his wife and two children in the plane crash (Flight AF4590) which crashed on July 31st 2000 killing all 109 people on board.
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Regarding the short period of Twenty-One (21) working days allowed confirming and submitting the reports by the Board of directors of my bank, which may lead to the cancellation or terminating of the account. I have chosen to seek your consent to work with me as a team and pull out this fund under the legitimacy as the heir apparent of Late Engineer Christian Eich. Contact me immediately about the Details and modalities of this project/transaction.
Mr Matin King.

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