An Improvement over College Housing

I took a trip to Singapore once in my college years and I loved it so much that I wanted to live there permanently. I found a condo to live in at, got a job and citizenship, and then moved there. All of my friends were sad because I wouldn’t be close to them, but I can still talk to them on the phone or chat with them over the Internet. It’s pretty easy to be in touch with someone when there’s technology everywhere. Even my parents log into Facebook and send me messages every day.

If my friends were able to see just what my condo looked like, they would be so jealous. Everything about this place is so much better than where I’ve ever lived, especially in the old college dorms that I used to dwell in. They were so cramped, had brick walls, small mattresses, and it felt like you could barely turn around in them without hitting something. Some would probably liken those dorms to a prison cell, but I guess they weren’t that bad. They did have working air conditioning and come with their own furniture.

I always take a little time after work to exercise by going to the gym at the condo. I usually use the exercise bike and lift some weights, and then I spend a little time in the pool. It’s a good way to cool down after an intense work out. I’ve done more exercising here in Singapore than I have when I was in college. I don’t know why I’m doing it more here, especially when there was a gym at college as well. I guess it’s because this place is much nicer looking than the gym at my college was, and it’s a little more relaxing to be here.

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