How to Deter Criminals Who Want to Steal from You

We work hard to have a nice home. It makes me angry that there are people that would just come and steal from you. We are not wealthy, but we have a few things at least we consider to be nice. We have a pontoon boat we use at the lake for family outings. We just got a nice TV for our living room over the holidays. Due to criminal activity in our area I have been seeing in the news and reading about in the paper, we decided to call Colorado Springs ADT to get an alarm system installed.

I understand the power of deterrence. I learned it firsthand as a child on my grandparent’s farm. The electric fence that keeps the horses in the pasture is just made of this fabric type of material that looks like white wooden slats. You connect it to white posts you put in the ground, and it looks like a painted fence. It is aesthetically pleasing, but it packs a punch. The DC voltage can give you a really good zap. The horses could bust right through that fence line at any time they should so choose. However, the zap is a deterrent from them even getting close to it.

An ADT sign in the yard and visible door and window sensors are a great deterrent to criminals who like to ply their trade in secret. They do not want to be caught. Video surveillance cameras are like icing on the deterrent cake. Criminals do not just run up to a house, break in and see what they can find. Even the really stupid ones have a plan. They want to steal things they can carry and sell quick. Cash and drugs are bonuses. Their primary motivation is to not get caught. Alarm systems are too much of a risk for them to take.

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