A Security System That is Affordable

My sister has been after me to get a home security system for a long time now. I never did because I simply could not afford one. She had hers through a local company that charged a small fortune for every aspect of it. Of course, she has had hers for years, and she can afford a small fortune with no problem. I, on the other hand, cannot. Then one day, my sister woke up to the fact that she was spending way too much on her security. She went to https://www.securitychoice.net/ at the advice of one of her friends, and she was shocked at the difference.

Not only was the site promoting ADT, a national brand, but it was at prices that were a fraction of what she had been paying. Their plans start at nine dollars a week, but even the one that costs the most is just 13 dollars a week for the monitoring service. There is also the free system, which she only had to pay a very small installation fee. She also got a 100 dollar gift card just for signing up that could be used anywhere.

When she told me all of this, I finally knew that she had stumbled upon something that I could afford. I was not being stubborn about getting a system before, as it all came down to economics for me. I can definitely afford 13 dollars a week though. I spend that much at my favorite coffee shop in one day at times, though that is not an every day thing. I like that I get full coverage, and I do feel much safer knowing that I have this installed at my house now. I even got the free system and the 100 dollar gift card as well, making the deal even sweeter for both of us!

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