The most cruel cowards in india

The most cruel cowards in India are without doubt the spineless cruel officials who operate the powerful extremely expensive directed energy weapons and abuse their great powers to attack harmless civilians, especially women, in their homes and outside. Only a few agencies, allegedly NTRO, security and intelligence agencies have access to the expensive weapons in India

Even police who beat up people and roadside goondas who attack civilian are braver than these cruel cowards who hide in government offices as the polices and goondas have the courage to face the person they are attacking. The person being attacked by the police or the goondas has a chance to fight back, defend themselves and report the person attacking them to the law enforcement agencies or the human rights commission.

In case of the the innocent harmless woman mercilessly attacked using directed energy weapons the cruel spineless animals in human form getting a government salary in India, can remain hidden and do not have to face the person they are attacking, They are wasting tax payer money to track the harmless person and then attack, usually out of personal hatred and greed. No effort has been made to regulate the use of the expensive directed energy weapons.

The systems controlling the use of the expensive are so poor that no review is being carried out. Why is a particular harmless person being attacked repeatedly? How does the nation benefit from attacking the harmless civilian? A person who can work can contribute to the economy, why is tax payer money wasted to destroy an innocent woman’s health daily for more than 5 years?

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